About the faculty

The dean of faculty

Seidekhan Alibek Nurmahanovich

The doctor of historical sciences

Address: 1 K. Ryskulbekova street,

the education building № 13

 Phone: 8 (7252) 21-33-47

 E-mail: fis.ukgu@mail.ru

 WWW: http://www.ukgu.kz

The Center of Preparing to admission to higher education institutions was established on October 14, 2002 on the decision of the Academic Council of M. Auezov SKSU. The Center was reorganized into a faculty on working with foreign students in connection with the integration of preparatory courses for representatives of the foreign Kazakh diaspora with the department of international relations, as well as joining a contingent of foreign full-time students in October, 2004.

On October 1, 2012, the faculty was renamed the faculty on work with foreign students and pre-university training.

Over the years, the Center and the faculty were headed by Sh.Nartbayev,

A. Baidibekova, A. Demeuov and P.Omarkulov. Currently, the Center is headed by d.h.s.,professor Seidekhan Alibek.

Since August 2018, foreign students studying at the faculty have entered to the department of international relations of the university. And the department of pre-university training was transformed into an independent center of pre-university training.

The center carries out activities in three directions:

  • preparatory courses for representatives of the Kazakh diaspora abroad;
  • preparatory courses for foreign citizens on a fee-paying basis;
  • preparatory courses for graduates of schools in the region and the city.

The staff of the Center is carrying out large-scale work on career orientation in close cooperation with the World Association of Kazakhs, Kazakh cultural centers of neighboring countries, centers of oralman’s adaptation, the migration department of the Department of Internal Affairs. As a result of this work, an annual growth of listeners and students studying at the Center is observed. If there were only 100 students in the 2005-2006 academic year their number was 250 people. More than 80% of students trained at the Center in the 2017-2018 academic year, becoming owners of state grants, entered higher education institutions.

A significant part of the youth representatives of the foreign Kazakh diaspora, after undergoing training at the Center of Pre-University Training and graduating from higher educational institutions, remain in their historic homeland and make a worthy contribution to the prosperity of Kazakhstan.