INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC-PRACTICAL CONFERENCE, November 24-25, 2017, Shymkent.In M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University is held international scientific-practical conference "Agricultural belts of megapolis and agricultural cooperation in Kazakhstan: problems, search and solutions"

President's Message "the Third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness" noted that Kazakhstan should become one of the world's largest producers of agricultural export products. Brand Made in Kazakhstan should become the standard of such products.

For the implementation of the objectives of the MES RK entered new research direction "Sustainable development of agriculture and safety of agricultural products". In this regard, it is necessary to organize a comprehensive study on the provision of high quality products.

Currently, all research areas are developing quite dynamically. Publication of research results is an extremely responsible and important step for a scientist. There is a lot of new original ideas, theories, deserves the most careful attention of the scientific community. In addition, the presence of a certain number of publications is an obligatory condition for the protection of dissertations.

To participate in the conference are invited professors and teachers, scientists of universities and research institutes, representatives of industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries, having significant research results on the conference topics.



Research areas

Agro-food belt of megalopolises, development of

agricultural cooperatives and measures

to increase the efficiency of agricultural production

Ecological aspects and technology

of cultivation of agricultural crops 

The main directions of development of

machine technologies and technical means

of production of agricultural products

Technologies of production and processing

of livestock products

The economic mechanism and financial

and credit system of support

of rural commodity producers

Perfection of legal regulation of agroindustrial complex

Submission of articles

Conference working languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

The registration fee is 3500 tenge

Articles are accepted until November 5, 2017

email addresses ukgu70@mail.ru or by mail to:

160012, Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, Tauke Khan, 5, South Kazakhstan state University. M. Auezov, building No. 16, 1st floor, office 3

The executive secretary of the Organizing Committee of the conference: PhD, Nazarbek Ulzhalgas Bakytovna, Director of the Research Department of  M. Auezov SKSU.

For all questions, please contact the conference organizing committee

Phone: +7 (7252) 21-19-82, 21-06-48, 30-05-71, Факс: +7 (7252) 21-19-89

e-mail: ukgu70@mail.ru

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