• Medal "75th anniversary of U. A. Dzholdasbekov" NEA RK (2006y.);
• Medal "Honorary Citizen of Turkestan" (2007y.);
• “Letter of thanks” of N.Nazarbayev,  President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2007y.);
• “Honorary Professor” of Dneprodzerzhinsky State Technical University (Ukraine, 2008y.);

• Lapel badge "Honorary Worker of Education" MES RK (2008y.);
• “Letter of thanks” from N.Nazarbayev,  President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2011y.);
• Medal "20th Anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (2011y.);
• Medal "Honored Worker of Science and Education" of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Russia (2013y.);
• “Certificate of Honor” of the President of NEA RK (2014y.);
• Medal "550 years of the Kazakh Khanate" (2015y);
• Medal "Yasawi" (2017y.);
• Letter of thanks from Zh.Tyimebayev, Akim of  South Kazakhstan Oblast (April, 2017y.)
• Medal “For Labor Contribution into the South Kazakhstan Oblast” (2017y).


• K.Talkanbayeva (teacher of chemistry, form mistress), O. Marin (teacher of mathematics, deputy principal ), Ordzhonikidze of  the Sairam district (pupil)
• V.V. Poroshin  , Candidate of  Engineering Science Professor, Dean (supervisor of the graduation project) - Kazakh  Chemical -Technological Institute (student);

• P.A.Pavlov, Doctor of  Engineering Science, Professor, Head of the chair (supervisor of  the Ph.D. thesis) of M.I. Kalinin Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (postgraduate);

• U.A.Dzholdasbekov , Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of  Engineering Science, Professor (supervisor of the doctoral dissertation) IMASH "Mechanical Engineering Research Institute" MES RK.


•  List of works and media publications.