Center of higher education after

Head of Centre

Baizhanova Sulushash Balabievna

Cand.technol.sci., the head lecturer

Address: 160012, Shymkent, Tauke Khan 5

SKSU. M. Auezov, building 3, room 204

Phone: 8-7252-30-01-69


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The South Kazakhstan state university named after M. Auezov is the leading center of master and doctor's preparation in the southern region of Kazakhstan. The university is one of the first among the Kazakhstan higher education institutions joined in 2008 the Great Charter (Magna Charta) of universities and completely passed to modern three-stage system of training "bachelor degree-magistracy-doctoral studies of PhD"
Magistracy of M. Auyezov was opened in 1998.  Educational programs of a magistracy is realized in two directions of preparation – scientific and pedagogical and profile.
The scientific and pedagogical magistracy – realizes educational programs of postgraduate training for system of the higher, postgraduate education and the research sector, possessing profound scientific and pedagogical preparation.
The profile magistracy is the one-year program which is directed on professional specialization in the chosen sphere.  For obtaining the diploma within a year the undergraduate has to master a theoretical course, do practical training, and also execute and defend the dissertation project.
PhD the Doctoral studies is carry out preparation of highly qualified specialists and scientific staffs on the basis of the best world experience and modern innovative technologies of training.  Training in doctoral studies is conducted in an internal form, term of training is 3 years.
The Doctoral studies provide to PhD improvement of process of preparation of scientific and pedagogical shots according to the international requirements and the principles of Bologna Process. The scientific management of doctoral candidates of PhD is carried out by the leading scientists of the country who are widely known not only in the republic, but also abroad, and also foreign partners from leading scientific centers and world universities.
Training in SKSU magistracy of M. Auyezov provides active scientific work, participates in different financing projects of university.
Realization of educational programs of a magistracy is carried out by university in close cooperation with the leading foreign organizations of science and education.  For undergraduates of SKSU of M. Auezov the invited foreign professors annually give lectures, thanks to extensive international relations of university.  Undergraduates have opportunity to leave for training and training in foreign higher education institutions and the research centers.



Educational programs of a magistracy of university by 3 specialties of preparation are accredited international accredited by ASIIN agency (Germany). In November, 2010 of accreditation of 3 educational programs on a magistracy which were successfully accredited by ASIIN agency for a period of 5 years.
The educational programs of SKSU accredited in ASIIN agency in 2011.
6M070200 – Automation and managements;
6M070400 – Computer facilities and the software;
6M070400 – Power industry.