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Dear partners and students!

     I congratulate you on the beginning of the new academic year and the Day of Knowledge!

     Particularly welcome the students, for the first time stepped threshold of our institution. Today you are taking the first step in his student life. 4 years, our university will be for you a home and a place where you will grow and grow professionally.
     I sincerely congratulate you on this important day in your life! I wish you success and luck. Stubbornly and persistently comprehend the wisdom of science, feel the joy of learning and constantly strive for new discoveries. Never stay there!

Dear colleagues, on this day, would like to express sincere appreciation for the professionalism and loyalty to the pedagogical vocation! Thanks to a close-knit team work SKSU named after M. Auezov, the University has once again taken a high bar. The national ranking of the best universities in the country named after M. Auezov SKSU rose to third stage, and in the general ranking of universities in Kazakhstan, held by Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency of Education, the University took the third place.

Hopefully, next year will be no less fruitful and successful. Good health in the new school year, success in work, inexhaustible energy, optimism!


Rector of M. Auezov SKSU

Doctor of technical science, Professor

Zhumakhan Myrkhalykov

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