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Debate centre “Akikat”

Debate centre “Akikat”


Chairman of Debate centre “Akikat”

 is Zhuman zhanserik


Аddress: SK, Shymkent, Taukekhan avenue, SKSU  M.Auezov, main building 107 cab.

Рhone number: +7-776-373-96-96     

Элек. поштасы: j.jassik_96@mail.













The Debate club “Akikat” started its functioning in 2002.

In 2006 it was renamed for Debate Centre “Akikat”

Principal objectives of Debate Centre “Akikat”

to propaganda debates, to develop youth intellectual ,political Big League

to hold debate tournaments not only within the university but among all HEIs of Kazakhstan

to discuss actual issues


Major functions of Debate Centre “Akikat”:

·                    to develop love for Country among the youth

·                    to bring up wise and business-like youth 



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