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Department of Innovation and Commercialization of Technologies

Khodzhibergenov Dauletbek Turganbekovish

Doctor of Technical Science


Address: 160012, Shymkent, Tauke-khan avenue, 5 RSE on the right of economic management “M.Auezov SKSU”, building No.16, room 201

Office phone: +7 (7252) 21-07-81, mobile phone: +7 778 146 33 36


     With a view to increase the role of innovation, advance works on commercialization of scientific developments and new technologies at the University, the Department of Science and Production was formed on the basis of the innovative center, by the order of the Rector of the Republican State Enterprise on the right of economic management “M. Auezov SKSU” No. 7 issued on 15.01.2015. The Department of Science and Production consists of Advanced Technologies Center (Office for Processing and Monitoring of Projects, Office for Receipt of Licensing Documents, Experimental Design and Project Bureau), Entrepreneurship and Partnership Center, Project Management Center, Center for development and transfer of technologies “HANSOL-SKSU”, 10 research institutes, including 9 research laboratories and 7 research centers, Testing regional laboratory of engineering profile with 3 sectors and editorial-publishing division, laboratory of physical-chemical methods of analysis with testing center “Sapa”.


Objectives: to center science of the University and create a mechanism for implementation of scientific developments to increase efficiency of the research activity.


- maximum use of the academic scientific potential in increase of the educational process quality, level of competitiveness and demand of the University’s teaching staff and research officers scientific-research works’ results;

- development of modern collaboration forms with sectors of the national economy for the purpose of joint solution of major scientific-technical tasks and enhancement to use the academic developments in production;

- integration of the academic research into economic and social space of the region for the purpose of intellectualization of operational procedures and service business;

- organization of dialogue “developer – representative of business”, increase in the professional level of private entrepreneurs, representatives of small and medium business, as well as top-managers of major companies;

- assistance in creation of small science-intensive entrepreneurship and separate science-intensive production at the major enterprises;

- preparation of new innovative projects to submit on different financed competitions;

- processing and monitoring of research projects to their reasoned completion in the form of off-the-shelf technology, material and goods;

- preparation of potentially commercialized projects for presentation in the Center for commercialization of technologies of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, JSC “NATD”, and different branches of the economy;

- development of the University’s commercial structure with a view of its transformation into the entrepreneurial HEI.

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