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Registration office

Registration office - a service dedicated to recording the history of educational achievements of students and allows organizations of all types of knowledge and calculation of its academic rating.

The Head Office Registration Ph.D. Bolysbek Aidarbek Alibekuly


 The Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, 160018, Tauke Khan-5, South-Kazakhstan State University named after M. Auezov, Main Building, cab.300.

 Ph. 8-7252-213809.




• Organization of the registration process and re-registration to courses;

• Formation of academic groups and streams;

• Formation of individual plans for students;

• issuance of transcripts and diploma supplement;

• implementation of web-registering;

• assessment of academic situation of students for dean’s office;

• providing and managing information necessary for the student: keeping records of academic achievement of students;

• Organization a current students’ rating

• Organization of summer semester 


• analysis and planning of the office of registration;

• management and information in drawing up of academic records for all departments;

• coordination policy in grading and level of GPA;

• monitoring implementation of the work curricula;

• preparation of statistical data and information for the analysis of student performance;

• scheduling of intermediate and final control for all forms of education;

• interaction with advisors, tutors and administrators of faculties 



• registration, registering and delivery of diplomas, academic certificates;

• Prepare documents of the deducted and restored students;

• receipt documents of students transferred from other universities;

• registering, processing orders on the composition and distribution of students by department;

• storage of personal files of students;

• Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual statistical reports on the contingent of students;

• Implementation of accounting students' movement

Control of educational achievements of students


• Educational achievements of students of educational commissions (trained) by all kinds and tasks are estimated on the point -rating alphabetic system of an estimation of knowledge according to the state obligatory standard of formation on control and an estimation of knowledge in high schools, with transfer in a traditional rating scale.

• Monitoring student performance– regular examination of students' knowledge in accordance with the professional training program conducted by a teacher at the classroom and extracurricular classes according to the schedule during the academic period. At current control performance academic achievements of students are assessed on a 100 point scale for each completed assignment

• INTERMEDIATE CERTIFICATION OF STUDENTS - a procedure performed to assess the quality of development by studying the contents of part or all of one discipline after completing its studies. Intermediate certification of students is conducted in the form of examinations and differential offsets.

• Final certification of students - a procedure performed to determine the degree of development of their disciplines, provided the state educational standards. Held in the form of protection theses / projects and delivery of public examinations.

• In SKSU named after M. Auezov assessment of current performance control (rating admission) is 60% of the final assessment of knowledge in the discipline, and assessment of the exam is 40% of the final assessment of knowledge in the discipline

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