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Special department «Assembly of People of Kazakhstan»


Main tasks and functions    of  special department "Assembly of People of Kazakhstan."  Special department  "Assembly of People of Kazakhstan" was created by the decision of the Academic Council of M.Auezov SKSU of January 30 ,2015, Minutes № 8.

Head of department Special department «Assembly of People of Kazakhstan» Ph.D. of History, Associate Professor of Law

The main tasks of the department:

- advocacy of the  implementation of the policy of the Head of State  and the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan on issues of inter -ethnic accord , political stability and tolerance  on the University  scale;
- study of annual Messages of the President of Kazakhstan to People of Kazakhstan with lecturers and students;
- management of the unity of  Kazakhstan people within the framework of the national patriotic idea"Mangilik El";
- preparation of proposals  for improvement of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional relations;
- holding state and nationwide, official holidays in the university collective body;
- holding scientific-theoretical and practical conferences, seminars, panel discussions, lectures at different levels;
- conducting  surveys  according to the  important  trends of the university;
- conducting survey lectures for tutors, curators and students  about world and state political events:
- holding events with regional, city and district departments of internal policy, regional government agencies, the Assembly of the region, KSU "Қoғamdyқ kelіsіm" State Board of  Religious Affairs and other bodies;
- publication of papers, tutorials, books, training manuals, training programs, etc. dedicated to the socio-political life of the country;
- holding  meetings,  organization of lectures for subdisions of the university according   to the  main directions of the department



Scientific works:

1. Modern fundamentals   of religion   ;
2. History of      state and law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
3. Formation of  Kazakh land integrity;
4. Asanbai Askarov-a politician, a scientist, a writer;
5. Message  of the President- the core of  the country development.
6. The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan – the guarantee of inter-ethnic harmony  of our country
7. Message of the President and  "Plan of the Nation - 100 concrete steps" to overcome the crisis issues
8. Election of deputies   of  Parliament Mazhilis and Maslikhats of the Republic of Kazakhstan
9. Formation of the principle  "Zero tolerance"
10. 18 , October- Day of  moral accord in Kazakhstan



1. Scientific-practical conference "Constitution is   the foundation of stability and civilization" dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Constitution   of  the RK , 28 August ,2015;
2. Scientific-practical conference devoted to 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan People's Assembly, 16 September ,2015;
3.Holding  meetings in the region within the framework of historical-cultural expedition "Great Steppe" dedicated  to the 550th anniversary of Kazakh Khanate, 1-5 October,2015 .;
4. International scientific-practical conference "Kazakh Khanate -  the beginning of independent Kazakhstan" and "Mangilik El", 28 October ,2015 .;
5. Conducting a lecture-conversation among the students on the hijab issues;
6. Conducting lectures in all   faculties   on issues "Terrorism and religious extremism", "  Plan of the Nation - 100 concrete steps"
7. Holding seminars, lectures on the theme  "Plan of the Nation - 100 concrete steps",  on the project  of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan "Big Country, Big Family" and panel discussion "The idea of" Mangilik El "in the context of inter-ethnic relations and social harmony", 8 April ,2016 .;
8. Holding  a lecture-seminar  about  "New Labor Code": application and problems in the current situation, "April 6, 2016 .;
9. Panel discussion on the theme "Interethnic harmony – moral richness and achievement of our country", 17 September ,2016 .;
10. Holding a lecture dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan "18 October- Day of  moral accord in Kazakhstan" on the theme  " Moral accord  is beginning of unity", 17 October ,2016;
11. Panel discussion on the theme "Independent Kazakhstan: 25 years of peace, harmony and creativity" in December , 2016 .;

Lecture on the theme "Unity - the beginning of spiritual harmony"


2016 October 17 at 15:00 the conference hall of the main building
Auezov was conducted lectures dedicated to the "25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, October 18 -"Day of Spiritual Harmony","Unity – the beginning of spiritual harmony" co-Chair of the special "Assembly of People of Kazakhstan", the secretariat of the Assembly of the South-Kazakhstan region, Department of education work and youth policy of the University. The aim of lectures explaining the spiritual values, inter-religious, inter-ethnic harmony between public associations and political parties. Lecture Hall explained the main priorities in the field of public policy and inter-religious relations.


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