Dear entrant!

Courses of preparation for complex testing for representatives of diaspora, not being citizens of Kazakhstan

Dear entrant!

If you want to come to a higher educational institution if you want to get an education, come to training courses!

The faculty on work with foreign students and pre-university preparation of the South Kazakhstan state university of M. Auyezov invites the ethnic Kazakhs living abroad on training courses for 2018-2019 academic year!

Training at courses  are free. Duration is 9 months. Listeners are provided with a scholarship of 17807 tenges a month.

Necessary documents:

1) Passport copy

2) Original of the document on the termination of high school (11 classes) or college

3) Photographs of 3*4 in size (4 pieces)

4) Certificate of a residence

5) The medical certificate in a form 086

6) Statement

Answers to all questions and references can be received to the address: Shymkent, K. Ryskulbekov St., No. 1. Case №13 SKSU of M. Auyezov.

Courses for preparation for ENT for graduates of schools of the city and area

Right choice, qualitative knowledge and fine the future together with us!!!!

Courses of pre-university preparation of the Southern Kazakhstan university of M. Auyezov invites listeners for preparation for ENT and the complex testing (CT) in the following objects:

- Kazakh                                                        - Mathematics

- History of Kazakhstan                                - Russian

Disciplines for choice:

  • Physicist
  • Biologiya
  • General history
  •  Chemistry
  • Geography

Classes are given by highly skilled teachers of university, in offices according to modern requirements.

Our address: Shymkent, K. Ryskulbekov St. 13, 3-floor

Contact telephone numbers: 8-(7252)-21-33-47.

8-701-771-01-59 Askhat                           8-747-188-68-71 Indira

Paid training courses for foreign citizens

Paid courses of pre-university preparation of the South Kazakhstan university of M. Auyezov invites entrants.

Problems of paid courses:

- Training of foreign citizens for receipt in higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan;

- Rendering the visa help for foreign citizens;

Training term – 6 months

Tuition fee – 173000 tenges

For the foreign citizens wishing to study on training courses classes in objects are conducted: Russian, history of Kazakhstan, mathematics, general history.

Now here are citizens of Syria, Turkey, Turkmenistan, the People's Republic of China, Tajikistan and Iran study.

Ph. 8 / 7252 / 21-33-47. E-mail: or