Department on the academic questions

The Director of Department on the academic question,Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor

Nazarbekova Saule Polatovna

For correspondence: Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent сity, 160018, Tauke Khan avenue 5,
M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State university, main building, office 216.
Office number: +7 (7252) 21-19-716.
Tel: +7(7252) 21-19-71

Department on the academic questions is the leading organization department of the university in the system of administration, coordination of academic process and accreditation of educational programs.
This department was created for the purpose of the organization of lifelong and successive levels of higher education and high professional education and conditioning its modernization. The department reports to the Pro-rector responsible for academic process and information technologies. Carry outs the missions on planning and organization of academic process, working out the normative documentations on teaching and teaching methodical work, diagnosing the academic process and analyzing the quality of training the specialists, developing the attestation technologies of all professional education levels and statistical summarizing the attestation results.
Department on the academic questions performs perspective and current planning and inspection of all levels of academic process, controls the working out of teaching methodical account and report at Dean’s offices and chairs. Controls performance of practice, prepares the report documentations and current, operative information for the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Department on the academic questions closely cooperates with the student’s staff management, after higher education department, faculties and chairs.
The Department on the academic questions administers and copes with all the problems concerning the training and adopting the curriculums, study programs, time-tables of the lessons and examinations, licensing, attestations and accreditations of educational activities of the university and so on. Of course, all these activities are carried out by the department interactively with the executives of the structured subdivisions and allows to get higher qualities in administrative and organizational activities.
The Department on the academic questions basic functions and tasks are:

  • realization of the Politics and Aims of the SKSU in the sphere of quality;
  • fulfillment of engagements in the sphere of quality and demands of the Management and Quality system;
  • realization of the aims in the sphere of quality;
  • guaranteeing the increase of educational services of high quality on the basis of introducing the modern educational technology, the growth of scientific and pedagogical qualifications of teaching staff, unifications and standardizations of academic process on the government’s standard basis.
  • organization, control and coordination of teaching, methodical, organizational activity of faculties and chairs;
  • administering the academic process of the university;
  • accreditation of the educational programs;
  • vocational guidance and careers of the graduates.

The Department on the academic questions activity is targeted to the working out of new, more effective teaching processes, called to increase the student’s activity and independence, to help the students practically in executing theoretical tasks, also, to stimulate teachers’ creative activity in teaching-methodical and organizational work. The TMD plays the leading role in improving the system of academic process at the university. Worked out new guidelines on teaching curriculums of the teaching staff and putted into operation the integrated method of calculation of teaching curriculums, staff and wage fund of teaching staff of chairs. Carried out the centralized students’ progress register in studying at SKSU, introduced the credit system of education.

Department on the academic questions:

  1. Center of organization of academic process
  2. The center of methodical provision of academic programs
  3. Division of practice and TSPC
  4. Accreditation division
  5. Department of employment and career guidance
  6. Leadership and labour structure of the professional development of scientific and pedagogical staff division
  7. Department of education quality assessment


The Deputy director of  Department on the academic questions

Pernebekov Saken Sadibekovich

Candidate of technical sciences, docent

For correspondence: Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, 160012, Tauke Khan Av. 5,
South-Kazakhstan State University, main building, 216 oficce.
Office number: +7 7252-21-19-71, +7 7252-21-05-93

The main functions are:

  • realization of control and coordination of works on the educative and scientific process;
  • realization of control and coordination of works on the accreditation;
  • coordination of works on double education (Master degree) between Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany, Hamburg) by educational programs:
    1. «Master Environmental technology»;
    2. «Master Food technology»;
  • coordination of works on double education (Master degree) CIS Network university by educational programs : 1. «Management»; 2. «Law»; 3. «Philology»;
  • implementation science in the educative process;
  • organization of teaching - scientific – production complex works ;
  • international educational programs and projects on implementation in teaching process;
  • the preparation of information in teaching and scientific works on demands MES of RK and other departments.
  • coordination and control of educative commissions’ work at faculties;
  • organization of the cooperation between Dean’s deputy and students’ activity of the faculties on the problems of educative process and its analysis;
  • organization of the commissions’ work in presenting the students to the grants, presidential and scholarships;
  • provision of the feedback between teachers and students:
  1. Organization of the university managements’ meeting with the students:
  2. Conducting the social oral tests, questionnaire between the students about the problems of the quality they are getting according to specialties;
  3. Announcing the students’ competitions about granting and scholarships;
  4. Organization of meetings with the Office-register.