Department for education and youth policy

Head of Department for education and youth policy

Mazhinbekov Saken Aralbaevich

Address: avenue Tauke khan, Main building 268 cabinet

Phone: 8 (7252) 21-46-77


Principal functions and tasks of Education and Youth Policy  Department :

  • to create and develop character-building systems of educational institutions , contributing to the formation of a  free personality
  • to bring up nationhood; patriotism; intellectuality; respect to human rights, freedoms , national symbols and traditions among student youth
  • to  form humanistic worldview; responsibility to oneself, society, future generations for results of one’s activity in social, nature and culture environment .
  • to create conditions for the student youth to master world and national culture through mastering the state and other languages , study and mastery of traditions and culture of their own nation and other people of Kazakhstan
  • to maximally develop in educational institutions’ context the cognitive interests of the youth, their creative skills, general learning skills, self-cognition and self-study habits, contributing to further development and self-realization of a personality as a citizen and patriot of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • to realize the State Youth Policy
  • to solve  the social problems
  • to protect and support socially disadvantaged students, particularly orphans and the disabled ones 
  • to control information, methodic and organizational processes of departments, chairs and divisions;
  • to organize the work of lecture groups of all departments;
  • to organize curators’ hours and various events in all the departments;
  • to create and organize the structure of upbringing future youth in the university
  • to support  and control the ideas of students-activists;
  • to control and organize the Curator’s Council meetings at university;
  • to participate in Rectorate’s work, Academic Council meetings; to control  Academic Council decisions on character-building issues;
  • to control annual reporting  of the departments  and chairs on character-building processes; to conduct monitoring of the level of students’ youth upbringing ; to organize round tables, meetings with members of law-enforcement authorities, specialists of Health Care Department  
  • and Drug Dependence Clinic;
  • to control preparation of  annual plan on character-building processes;
  • to organize character-building activity of the staff, teachers and students

 Education Work Department functions  in the following directions:

  1. Organizational work;
  2. Civic- patriotic , legal education;
  3. Spiritual-moral  education;
  4. Professional and labor education                                                                                               
  5.  Formation of religious tolerance                                                                                                            
  6. Physical education and formation of healthy lifestyle ;                                                                                
  7. Ecological educaton                                                                                                                                                
  8. Development of intellectual and communicative culture                                                                        
  9. Culture-aesthetic and poly-culture education                                                                                                      
  10. Development of student, self-management and youth initiatives