Department of language development

Department of language development South Kazakhstan State University M.Auezov organizes and provides:

  • Programs of  study of Kazakh, Russian, English and other foreign languages
  • translation services (Kazakh, Russian, English and other foreign languages)
  • consulting for teachers and other stuff of university leading discipline in English, and students of the discipline in English
    Department of language development staff

    Head of  DLD:

    Zamantayeva A.A, “Best Teacher of Kazakh Language” – 2008(HELS teachers)

    10 - 11 October ,2012. She participated in the national contest "Best Teacher of the Kazakh language"  which was organized with the participation of the Republican Methodological Center of Languages named by  Sh.Shayahmetov, the Ministry of Culture and Information Committee of language, Astana

    11-12 October, 2012. Participant of the conference "Tilim –tiregim, zherim-tugirim" which was supported by the Office for development of languages of the Karaganda region.

    16 November,2012. She read a report on "Effective methods of teaching Kazakh language for  other nationalities" at a seminar - training "Technology training of the state language for other nationalities" and was awarded a letter of thanks.

    27-28 November, 2012, Almaty. Zamantayeva A.A participated  and received a certificate for professional development seminars for continuing education model based on the method of studying the characteristics of  teaching Kazakh language  for adults .

    Zamantayeva A.A participated and was awarded a letter of gratitude to the international scientific-practical conferences Auezov readings-11 organized by SKSU. M.Auezov in honor of the 115th anniversary of M.O.Auezov "Kazakhstan on the way educated society: an innovative direction of science, education and culture".

    She have been trained in pedagogical specialties in the National Training Center «Orleu».

    25 - 7 December ,2013. She took refresher course on "Pedagogy and innovative technique in the field of university education "  with the support of the National Training Center  «Orleu»  in the international department INTAMT in Dusseldorf, Germany.

    In 2015 was awarded  with letter of  thanks from the seminar called  “ Language acquisition , teaching methods and features of language proficiency assessment” by Administration   of education , youth policy and language development , South Kazakhstan oblast .

    In 2015 was awarded  with letter of  thanks from Akimat of Al-Farabi region of South Kazakhstan oblast .

    In 2015 was awarded  with letter of  thanks from Center of language learning and management of archives and documentation of languages in Shymkent for the methodological   help on practical seminar on theme “KAZTEST is guidebook to development of state language”.

    By the day of the 25th anniversary of Independence day  of the Republic  of Kazakhstan , was awarded with  letter of thanks , for Management of Language development of languages, archives and documentation of the South-Kazakhstan oblast  in the field  of  great contribution in the development of the state language.

    She has received the certificate  for participation in the international scientifically practical conference “Three-lingual Training-National and International Practice” organized by Information and analyses center JSC. Of the Ministry of Education and Science of  K.R., on November 23-24,2016 year.

    By results of 2015-2016  academic year she was awarded with the certificate of the winner on the nomination “The best linguistic”  of  SKSU named after ,29.12.2016 y.

    Highly qualified specialist in the state language-

    Amirkulova Assel Kuralbayevna

    Highly qualified specialist in the state language.
    Languages: Kazakh, Russian, Turkish.

    Teacher and interpreter:

    Translator Bazarbekov Alhuat SH

    Kazakh / Russian and Russian /Kazakh



    Interpreter of English

    Beloussova L.N.

    Member of TESOL,
    winner of many international
    and national programmes,
    studied in British Council,
    in USA (South Corolina University).

    Interpreter of German

    Baskakova M.

    Highly qualified interpreter with great experience.



    Interpreter of German

    Fomenko S.

    Highly qualified teacher and translator of German.


    Smaiyl Akmaral Halikkyzy –
    teaches courses of Kazakh
    and office work in a state language.

    Serikbayeva Sholpan Yergeshovna

    Teacher of English language,
    perfectly knows Kazakh,
    English and Russian languages.



    Abdikerimova Perizat Gakharbekkyzy

    Teacher of English language,
    perfectly knows Kazakh,
    English and Russian languages.



    Tursynbek Nurila Makhanbekkyzy

    Teacher of English language,
    perfectly knows Kazakh,
    English and Russian languages.



    Akhmetova Aigul Manapovna

    Teacher of Russian language,
    perfectly knows Kazakh and Russian Languages.


    Master Teacher of Chinese language:

    Luan ShinJong

    Master Teacher of Chinese language, 
    proficiency in English , Chienese languages.


    Balkibekova Elmira Aydarovna

    Operator of the Department of  language development

    Achievements of students of DLD:

    2008  - Bekmukhanbetova Dinara won the scholarship for a workshop in Japan, (Language of instruction - English)                                      

    2009  - Satayeva G. won "Bolashak" scholarship for a workshop in Japan, (Language of instruction - English)

    2009 - Pazylov G. won DAAD scholarship (Germany), languages of instruction – German

    2009 - Altynbekov Yerzhan (MA) and Nekipelov Sergei (MA) participated in

    DAAD (Germany) exchange program.

    2010-winners of the programme “Bolashak” – Dosmetov Shersod – Canada, Mahanov Kairzan (Canada), Ashirbayev B.

    2011-2012-winners of the programme “Bolashak”    

        1.Baytureeva K.B. (Switzerland)

        2. Kulenova I.N.. ( USA)

        3.Myrhalykov Zh.U. (United Kingdom)

        4.Sembiev О.U. (Мalaysia)

        5.Мutaliyeva B.Zh. (United Kingdom)

        6.Мashirova Т. (Israel)

        7.Nurasheva K.K. (United Kingdom)

    2012-2013- winners of the programme “Bolashak”:

    1.Saidulayeva N. – (Poland)

    2. Umyrzakova Zh. – (Russia)

    3. Кasymova  М -  (France)

    4. Zhamalova К – ( Poland)

    2013-2014 - winners of the programme “Bolashak”:

    • Zhanysbekova G –  (Russia)
    • Аikozova L –  (Poland)
    • Beloborodova А. – (Мalaysia)
    • Shakrianova Z – (Swiden)
    • Dzhusupbekova G – (Spain)
    • Turibekova G – (Germany)
    • Satayeva L. – (Germany)
    • Mergenbaeva А – (Russia)
    • Saparbekova А – (Germany)
    • Satayev М.I – (China)

    2015-2016- winners of the programme “Bolashak”:

    • Urmashev B.A. - DAAD Germany
    • Utemisov G.T. – programme of USA Consul
    • Turebekova G.Z. - France, Lorraine university

    • Tleuova N.Zh. - Rumania
    • Esbenbetova P.A. – India


    Members of IAESTE programme:

    • Lesbai G. - Germany
    • Zhaksybai P. – Germany

    • Shalabaeva K. - Germany


    Coloboration with schools

        From 2008/2009 academic year DLD cooperates  with the boarding school №12 named by Tasova,  with the school №30, with a school-gymnasium №38 on the basis of the signed contract development trilingualism.

    Advice and assistance to students and teachers of special subjects UKGU:
    • Currently 21 specialties of  9 faculty are taught in English. These disciplines are thought by doctor, PhD and masters. The list of disciplines in English very much, as well as analytical chemistry, food safety, biochemistry, fashion, environmental protection, discrete mathematics, etc.

    Methodical literature recommended   by DLD:
    • Kazakh-Russian-English phrase book for university teachers and managers
    • Glossary of Accreditation (Kazakh-Russian-English)
    • The course of lectures for chemistry teachers and students of chemical and technological professions


    For more information call 30-13-93 or e-mail us at



The Department of language development  was organized on the initiative of  M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University Rector Bishimbayev Valikhan and decision of the Academic Council in 2005 with the aim to realize the policy of three languages development: Kazakh, Russian and English. In connection with the merger of the Linguistic Centre and the Department of state language development department was renamed the Department of language development in September 2013. In November 2013 under the leadership of the National Research Center it was renamed the Department of language development. From 2015 to 2017 the department of development of  languages worked under the leadership of the vice rector for Innovative activity as a part of the center of  Industrial Innovative development. Now the department of languages  functions under the leadership of the vice rector for study and information technologies and is a part of department of the academic questions.Today Department of language development  is headed by Vice-Rector for innovation and applies Department of  innovation and industrial development.

In addition to this the mission of the Linguistic Center is to develop courses in different foreign languages, promote intercultural links, to assist the process of teaching specific study programs in English in the following faculties: Chemical Technological; Agroindustrial; Economics and Finance; Light and Food Industry;  IT, Telecommunication and Automatized systems;

The main goals and objectives of the Department of Languages development ​​consists of the following areas: 

  • Ensuring the application of the state language as the administrative language of the state;
  • Monitoring the progress of conducting internal and external documentation in the official language in collaboration with the Education management, Youth politics and language development;
  • The organization of courses of study state, Russian and foreign languages;
  • Development of skills and mobility of students in the labor market, and to give students direction in modern society by   enhancing their linguistic capital;

Department of language development environment:

  • Department meets the necessary linguistic demands of every student in the study of languages, its application in the professional field, in the work, in training students in the language of communication, speaking in the formation skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Department of language development is part of  M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University.
  • It is located in the main building of the university and possesses excellent information resources  including modern multimedia language laboratory, cozy classrooms, free access to Internet.
  • The programs developed by the Department of language development correspond to national and international level.

The Department of language development offers more than 30 language programs annually including  ESP.

It cooperates closely with all the faculties, training-methodical department and international collaboration department of SKSU, KOICA (Republic of South Korea), German cultural centre  “Wiedergeburt”, schools of Shymkent, TESH.

It focuses also on training students in language skills in Kazakh and English to participate in the RoK President International Scholarship programme “Bolashak”, other international programmes.

Division of Languages is a structure SKSU. M.Auezova.

It also takes part in international conferences, symposia, meetings held in SKSU:   translation   and   interpretation   activity   including   the   international accreditation of study programs in SKSU carried out by German International Accreditation  Agency  ASIIN  in  2008,  the  negotiations  with  Manchester

Technological University (UK), only to mention a few; students' research conference: section "Chemistry" held only in English in 2007/2008, 2008/2009.

Attending and learning at the courses:

  • Students, teachers and staff improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills with the help of experienced and qualified teachers.
  • Courses   in   grammar,   pronunciation,   and   conversation practice   combine different language skills both in EL and ESP.
  • Students, teachers and staff learn how to use different language skills for various purposes.
  • Students learn about the culture of the countries the languages of  which they study.


Class size:

  • Elementary-, intermediate-, and advanced-level courses have an average class size of 10 -12students.
  • The level of the Kazakh language are divided into groups: elementary level A1, A2, baseline average level B1-B2-level above-average high level C1
  • ESP courses limit the class size to 10 students to provide more individual approach in specific subjects taught in English.
  • Training of the Russian language began with the mid-level.
  • Classes are offered in morning, afternoon and evening all the year / round.

Admission information:

  • Students   take   a   placement   test free of charge,  are   assigned   to   beginning, intermediate or advanced instruction levels that meet their ability.
  • Courses are scheduled in a block of two/three academic hours two/five times per week to learn quickly and become confident in the language.
  • If possible the activities are scheduled with native speakers: teachers or volunteers who assist the Kazakhstan teachers: David Montoia (MA) from Spain taught Spanish in 2007/2008; a volunteer from South Korea assists in teaching Korean in 2009/2010.

Length of programme varies: half of  semester, full semester or some weeks.


Support services:

The programs of the  Department of language development provide free language testing, free consultations and academic advising in various languages and international programs.

Students, teachers and staff who have a university ID can use the library, computer lab center and LC office resources.

  •  If a student successfully passes the final examination he (she) gets the certificate of M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University.
  • Kazakh, Russian, English  and other Foreign Languages Translations

The DLD is involved into translating articles, books, essays, documents, contracts, papers for various purposes in different fields of SKSU activities in five languages: Kazakh, Russian, English, German and Korean.