Faculty for work with foreign student and before high school preparation

Teachers' staff

Return of the Kazakhs living abroad on the historical homeland became one of significant achievements of Kazakhstan for years of independence. Also children of foreign Kazakhs received an opportunity to study in Kazakhstan.

 Our faculty carries out work on the following directions:

1. Work with the foreign students studying at university.

2. The training courses for representatives of the Kazakh diaspora living abroad and Oralman.

3. Training courses for foreign citizens on a paid basis.

4. Training courses for graduates of schools and colleges.

       Nowadays 700 students from 13 countries study at faculty. Along with it 100 people from among ethnic Kazakhs take training courses for receipt in a higher educational institution. Most of graduates of a course annually successfully hand over complex testing and go to the universities. All conditions are created to students and listeners. Libraries and reading rooms service them free of charge. Research and sports circles, creative studios work. The hostel is located near the educational cases. Different public and cultural events for adaptation of foreign youth are held in the new environment. Students and listeners of faculty repeatedly became prize-winners of the international, republican and regional contests. Many of graduates found the happiness on the historical homeland and bring the contribution development of the country.

 Dear entrants!

 Dear compatriots!

 We ask to send the questions concerning you to our website, to share with the problems and offers. We in turn will try to give you necessary support. Welcome to our website.                               

 Yours faithfully,

the dean of faculty on work with foreign

students and pre-university preparation,

doctor of historical sciences Alibek Seydekhan Nurmakhanuly