Meeting with representatives of the University of Vytautas Magnus of the Republic of Lithuania

In M. Auezov South Kazakhstan state University on 09th October, 2019 was held an official visit of delegation from the University of Vytautas Magnus Republic of  Lithuania. The purpose of the visit of the delegation was to discuss the establishment of cooperation between both universities in the field of academic mobility of students and teachers, attracting foreign scientists for guest lectures, the development of joint educational programs and joint research.

During the visit of the foreign delegation, at a meeting participated dean, professors and teaching staff of the Faculties of mechanics, oil and gas, construction and transport and the Higher school of agricultural Sciences.

At the meeting, foreign colleagues from Lithuania presented information about the history of the formation and activities of the University of Vytautas Magnus, at the end they discussed possible areas of cooperation with Kazakh scientists and students.

As a result of the constructive dialogue, both universities expressed their willingness to cooperate in the development of a joint undergraduate educational program under the scheme 2+1+1 with the issuance of a double diploma, as well as a foreign delegation invited University scientists to visit the University of Vytautas Magnus with guest lectures in the framework of exchange programs.

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