Myrhalykov ZHumahan Ushkempirovich

Rector of SKSU named after M.Auezov

Doctor of Engineering, Professor


Hours of reception: Tuesday 15.00-17.00 p.m., Thursday 15.00-17.00 p.m.


In 1976 he graduated from A.N.Kosygin Labor Red Banner Order Textile Institute  in specialty: “Technology of textile production”.

In 1983 he defended his thesis and got the scientific degree of Candidate of Engineering Sciences in A.N.Kosygin Labor Red Banner Order Textile Institute.

In 2007 he defended the dissertation and got the scientific degree of Doctor of Engineering Sciences in U.A.Dzoldasbekov Institute of mechanics and machine science of Academy of Sciences of Republic of Kazakhstan.



In 1976-1995 he worked as a teacher of the chair “Technology of textile and light Industry”, later as the head of the same chair in Dzambul Technological Institute of light and food industry.

In 1985-1993 he combined his teaching career with the position of the director of the spinning factory “?рнек” in Taraz.

In 1995-1998 he was the head of the chair “Technology of textile production”, the first chair of this type opened in the Republic of  Kazakhstan.

In 1998-2008 September he held the position of the Dean of the Faculty of Light and textile industry of M.H.Dulati Taraz State University.

Since 1999 up to 2007 he was elected the deputy of the I and II convocation of Taraz city Maslihat.

In September, 2008, he was appointed the director of Institute of light and food industry of M.Auezov SKSU. In September, 2009 till February,2011 he was appointed the dean of the Faculty of light and food industry of M.Auezov SKSU.

In February, 2011 he was appointed the Prorector, responsible for innovative activity of M.Auezov South Kazakhstan State University.

Hobbies and interests

Sport , art.

Field of activity

Creating project teams, aimed at achieving specific technological results in the nearest and medium -term perspective that have a good understanding of modern business –processes and are mobilized at reducing the way from research to test – constructive developments.


Expanding and extending the system mutually profitable links of the University with production corporations, venture companies and funds, that are interested in University products, both in young human resources, adapted to innovation demands and research-engineering and applied developments of the University scientists, ready to introduction and able to give a direct economic efficiency, optimization of M.Auezov patent policy.

Provision of SKSU participation in regional, international innovation –engineering and technological fairs, including M.Auezov SKSU into state target research and scientific- engineering programs of oblast and republic level, that suppose future stimulation of innovative activity of the program participants.

Organizing active participation of SKSU in realizing the       Republican target programs (among them “Road map of Business- 2020”, “Industrialization map of Kazakhstan in 2010-2014” and “State program of forcing  industrial-innovation development of  Republic of  Kazakhstan in 2010-2014”), and  the  issues of establishing budget research and educational institutions , economic associations with practical application (introduction) of the intellectual activity products.


Miscellaneous (about job experience, achievements, future aims)


160 published research works, including 16 authorship certificates for inventions, 5 text books.

3 Candidate theses, 3 PhD dissertations and 10 Masters dissertations have been defended under my supervision.

Results of a number of projects have been introduced into production processes of industrial enterprises of CIS, were awarded prizes at international contests and got the silver medal at the Fair of National Economy Achievements of the USSR.

In 2004 he was awarded the badge of Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan “Honorable Worker of  Education of Republic of Kazakhstan” and in 2006 the “Certificate of the Akim of Taraz”.

Since 2008 he is the supervisor of the program Inspire “International strategic partnership in the field of education and science” of M.Auezov SKSU and Manchester Politechnical University within the framework of long-term partnership of Republic of Kazakhstan and  theUK.

He is the holder of the grant of Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan “Best HEI teacher - 2009”.

He has participated in the work of symposia on development international study programs in Almaty, Manchester (UK), Islamabad (Pakistan).


Vision of M.Auezov SKSU development.


In view of future development of work in oblast and innovative activity I forsee:

-         Development of the system of fundamental and applied science and engineering research in prior trends of science and engineering.

-         Development of infrastructure, providing the scientific –educational and innovative activity, commercialization of development in the field of space systems and technologies on the basis of close integration with SKSU strategic partners.