Project management is a pledge of ideas successful implementation

In the framework of the 75th anniversary celebration of M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University as well as Academician Sultan Tashirbaevich Suleimenov’s 90th anniversary the Center for Professional Development and Interaction at M. Auezov SKSU held a regional training seminar on Project management.

In the light of the globalization of the social and economic activities of our society, each specialist is facing the task of constantly improving his/her skills and abilities on a par with foreign colleagues. In order to improve qualifications for the preparation of a grant application for funding, writing an article in peer-reviewed journals, managing a research project, as well as for carrying out all other activities that require careful design, the training “Project management” in English has been held on 29th November of 2018. The training was conducted by Dr. Dilyara Woodward - a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology (USA), Chair of the National Committee on the Global Geoparks of UNESCO.

33 scientists and lecturers from universities and research institutes of Kyzylorda, Dzhambul and Turkestan regions and the city of Shymkent took part in the training-seminar. The training addressed issues of improving research project management skills, exploring mechanisms that allow competently and successfully completing projects, and establishing communication with all partners. According to the feedback from the participants, the seminar made an important contribution to improving the knowledge of English in this area.

Valida Sultanova (Miras University): “I have repeatedly participated in trainings of the Center for Professional Development and Interaction at M. Auezov SKSU and each time I fill up my professional luggage from international trainers. Today's training was conducted, as well as before at a high level both in content and in technical organization. Many thanks to all the organizers, and congratulations to the staff of the Mukhtar Auezov South Kazakhstan State University on the anniversary holiday! ”

At the end of the seminar, the trainer of the seminar and Dr. Ulzhalgas Bakytkyzy Nazarbek, the director of the M. Auezov SKSU Science and Research Department presented certificates of the participant to the all participants. The seminar's trainer, Dr. Dilara Woodward was presented with a medal and a book dedicated to the 75th anniversary of M. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University, as well as the book for the 90th anniversary of Academician Sultan Tashirbaevich Suleimenov about his life and scientific activities.