Research Institute "Chemical technology and complex processing of raw materials

Scientific directions of the research institute activity are organization of scientific and practical activity and introduction of new technologies and technological lines in the field of processing of non-ferrous and rare-earth elements, organization of processing of new technologies in the field of production of mineral fertilizers, polymers; Utilization of domestic waste, as well as production wastes in phosphoric, uranium, polymetallic raw materials and coal mining in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Main achievements, research results, patents, articles, research institute development.

The collaborators of the research institutes actively participate in the implementation of the budget program 055 "Scientific and / or scientific and technical activity", sub-program 101 "Grant financing of scientific research", priority of rational use of natural resources, processing of raw materials and products, sub-priority of the problem of ecology and rational use of natural resources, Purification of industrial effluents of petrochemical and oil refineries, head of the candidate of technical sciences, professor of the department "Ecology" Sataeva L.M.

As a result of the competition, the following grant financing was organized by the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the further creation of production:

- "Creation of a biotechnological complex for the production of glucose-fructose syrup from corn for the production of sweets, fruit preserves, beverages and animal biomass" under the program grant financing of projects for the commercialization of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities, a source of financing for the Fund of Science JSC. Project manager Aortaev AE, the project is planned for 2017-2018 calendar year.





                                                                                                     Picture 1 - Production of prototypes under semi-industrial conditions


 - "Production of activated charcoal and stone oil from fruit seeds" under the program "Stimulation of productive innovations" for groups of senior researchers, a source of financing for the World Bank. Project manager Sataev MI, the project is planned for 2017-2019 calendar year.

Between the staff SKSU them. M.Auezov and JSC "Energoortalik-3" conducted pilot-industrial tests, according to the results of pilot-industrial tests for demineralization of industrial water, drawn up acts of introduction into production.


The following patents were obtained from the results of scientific research:






Publications on research topics

In the proceedings of international conferences:

1. Azimov AM, Zhantasov KT, Abiev R.Sh., Shaimerdenova G.S. Modeling of effective water treatment for a boiler house in membranes of a coaxial cylindrical shape // Scientific journal of the Pavlodar state university named after S. Toraғyrov. Pavlodar - 2016. - № 1 (2016). - P. 19-28.

2. Azimov AM, Zhantasov KT, Abiev R.Sh., Sataev MI, Ortaev AE, Kaldykozov TA Polyamidic membrane membrane sudan tұz iodarydyn selectivny tүrde bөlіp alu mekhanekhinі erekshelikter i men zaңdylytary / S. Toraғyrov atındāғy Pavlodar memekkettik university ғylym magazines. - PMU khabarshysy - Pavlodar - 2016. - ą2 (2016). - B. 9-17.

3. Isabaev NN, Azimov AM, Oralbai EN, Esenbek Ch.N., Sadenova AA. Determination of electrosynthesis in non-aqueous media. Turmambekovtң 60-zhyldyғyna arnalғan "ZAMANAUI WALKING WOMEN BILIMNIӨ ӨZECKI MӘSELERI МI ME ИН INVATION OF THE TENDENCYLARA" Atti khalyaralı ғylymi-tәžiribelіk conference materials material. - 1 volume. Türkistan - 2017zh. - 539 bet.

4. Satayeva L.M., Abiev R.Sh., Azimov A.M., Ortayev.A.Ye., Yaroschik I.Y. Investigation of Energy Dissipation and Droplets Dispersion in a Horizontal pulsating Resonance Apparatus // Journal of Educational and Social Research. Italy - 2016. - No. 1 (2016). - P. 147-150.

5. Esirkepova AM, Kuralova United States of America, Esirkepova М.М. Role in developing a business plan strategy. // Intern. Scientific and practical. Conf. "Modern research of young scientists," February 27, 2016 in Shymkent, P.78-83 p.

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In the laboratory of the Scientific Research Institute "Chemical Technology and Complex Processing of Raw Materials" a pilot plant for the leaching of uranium-containing products from polymetallic raw materials was developed..




Work with industrial enterprises.

SKSU them. M.Auezova has agreements on cooperation with LLP "Kainar",

LLP "Kazphosphate", LLP "Alika groups", LLP "ANBKazStroyServis".

The main areas of cooperation are:

1) Development, calculation, design and manufacture, together with the scientific and technological center "HTKPS" innovative technological schemes for the needs of enterprises.

2) Development and implementation of joint innovation projects.

3) Interaction with the chair of "KhTNV", "NiN", "Oil and gas business" and "TMO" in the sphere of higher, postgraduate and additional professional education for the training of qualified specialists;

4) Cooperation in organizing production practices for SKSU students studying in the specialties of higher and secondary vocational education.

The international cooperation.

With the St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technological University), joint work was continued to develop effective technologies and methods for cleaning oil and oil-containing effluent with the modernization of sewage treatment systems in industrial production..


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