Желтоқсан ызғары – ұлт рухының биік белесі

On December,  2017 a raund teble on the of  «Severe December-a high level of national spirit» was held in the conference hall of the main building of M. Auezov SKSU. The round table was organized by the special chair «Assembly of Nations of  Kazakhstan» of the Deparment of Educational work and Youth Policy.
The aim of the round table is to form students whole pictule about the  December events. The  December events of 1986y. in Alma-Ata were signs of coming indeprn- dtnce and advent of freedom. The December events (1986 year),  their victims and participants  are memorable and unforgettable. While life settles down and both internal and external positions of  Kazakhstan society strengthen, the perception of  the significance of the  December events becomes more profound and their heroes will be given worthy glory.