Research Institute "Architecture and construction" was established in 2007, the Institute has research laboratory for research on silicate and building materials. The strategic direction of the Institute's research is the expansion of the raw material base for the development of energy-saving technologies, production of import-substituting products of fine, technical, construction ceramics and refractories, glass, glass-crystal materials, special cements, composite materials and concretes based on non-metallic aluminosilicate raw materials, technogenic waste of Kazakhstan.

Research Institute staff engaged in research on topical issues:

- creation of innovative infrastructure, ensuring the development and implementation of priority areas of silicate building materials, as well as training of scientific personnel and highly qualified specialists;

- creation of a research laboratory for the development of innovative technologies in the field of binders, ceramics, glass, glass and composite materials, synthetic wollastonite;

- creation of pilot production lines, ensuring the early implementation of developments at the enterprises of Kazakhstan;

- definition of normative, legal and legislative acts aimed at creating conditions and mechanisms for the implementation of the developed technologies;

- implementation of international metrological norms and standards for the production of products that meet international standards.

Employees of research Institute " Building materials, Construction and Architecture " in the laboratory of the Institute SR-Sarsenbaev N. B., JR – Suhanova G. R., spec. HLQ- Orynbasar A. JR - Auelbek S.

Heads of the Research Institute " Building materials, Construction and Architecture " (Dr.Sci.Tech., Academician of NAGN Sarsenbayev B.K. and Dr.Sci.Tech Academician of the NIA Iskakov T.U.) with the heads of the company "LSR Stenovye" in the territory of the plant for the production of wall ceramic products, St. Petersburg

Research Institute "Building materials, construction and architecture" provides:

- priority development of fundamental, applied and exploratory research through the development and creation of fundamentally new equipment, technologies and modern materials;

- development of promising forms of scientific and technical cooperation with the sectors of the national economy in order to jointly solve major scientific and technical problems and expand the use of University developments in production;

- testing of samples of new building materials, products and structures with the issuance of a certificate of conformity;

- development of the most effective from the economic point of view of modern technologies for the production of building materials, products and structures;

- issue of recommendations on equipping laboratories and production with modern devices and equipment;

- consulting and information services to enterprises and organizations in the development of projects for the production of building materials, the issuance of expert opinions.

–     The developed technologies of production of construction and silicate materials are proposed for implementation in production:

–     Technology for producing clinker products with water absorption from 4÷6 %, with a tensile strength of 30 MPa and above on the basis of shale spurs Kara-Tau. There is a patent;

–     Technology of production of high-strength bricks using waste dumps-terrikonik coal mines Tolebi district;

–      Technology malecentric fine ground cement-based waste industry;

–      Production technology of alkaline cements from phosphoric and blast furnace slag;

–     – Technology of production of synthetic wollastonite on the basis of electrothermometry toxins

–     In 2015, 2017 carried out research at the University:

ü  «Resource-energy-saving technology of production of composite cement from waste of enrichment of polymetallic ores and concretes on their basis". Supervisor: doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Zh. T Aimenov

ü  "The influence of phase transformations of clinker minerals at high doping on the basic properties of weak base rapid-hardening cement." Head: doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Khudyakova T. M.

–     Currently, research on grant funding is being carried out:

–     - "Small-clinker fine cement on the basis of large-capacity industrial waste of the Republic of Kazakhstan", scientific Director: Sarsenbaev

"Technology of integrated heat treatment of concrete based on slag-alkaline binding agents and local sub-standard materials" scientific supervisor: doctor of technical Sciences , Professor Zh. T. Aimenov

Заключены хоздоговора со следующими компаниями:

·     LLP " Kazprom-Kyzylorda "on the theme: "Obtaining composite cements and materials from limestone and dolomite" Yany-Kurgan"field".

·     "Kazphosphate" LLP on the topic:"to Develop and implement the technology of low-clinker fine-milled cements based on granulated phosphoric slag".

LLP", Togus-Araluen": "Study of clay raw materials of Aral field and development of technology of production of ceramic bricks»

Research Institute "Building materials, construction and architecture" has close scientific ties with the research Institute of building materials" Weimar (Germany), Kazan state University of architecture and construction, Belgorod State technological University. V. G. Shukhov.

Heads of the Research Institute " Building materials, Construction and Architecture " (Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of NAGN Sarsenbayev B.K. and Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of NAEN Aimenov ZH.T.) at a training seminar for employees of  M. Auezov SKSU  specialty "PCIK" conducted by Ph.D., professor, head. Department of  " Construction Material Technology Products and Structures ", V.Shukhova BSTU. Lesoviky V.S. Shymkent


Discussion of the results of testing ceramic products of the scientific research institute “Building materials, Construction and Architecture” (Academician of NIA, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Iskakov T. U., and Academician of NAGN, Doctor of Technical Sciences Sarsenbayev B.K.) with Regional Commercial Director of Equip Ceramic (Spain ) Francesc Balmont city of Barcelona