Research Institute "Textile and food industry»

Purpose: The purpose of the research Institute "Tiip" is to conduct research, analysis of opportunities of textile and food industry in South Kazakhstan region, preparation of research projects for grant funding from the Ministry of education and science and other sources of funding. Through joint work of the higher school of "Textile and food engineering" of SKSU. M. Auezov and enterprises of light and food industry of South Kazakhstan region and the Republic of Kazakhstan as a whole, as well as integrated work ensuring the effective implementation of research works (R & d) and research experiments (R & d).


  • planning, organization, coordination and control of research, design, research and production and iinovatsionnoy activities of research Institute "Tipp" in accordance with the main directions of development of the University and the profile of training;
  • formation of a thematic plan of research of the University on the basis of state orders for basic research and applied development;
  • development and implementation of scientific, technical and innovative programs and projects;
  • marketing research in the field of textile and food industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan identifying the basic needs of the products;
  • provision of innovative consulting services;
  • participation in the examination of materials prepared for public publication in order to prevent premature disclosure of information about technical solutions;
  • holding of national and international conferences, seminars, meetings for the exchange of experience on complex research in the field of textile and food industry;
  • development and publication of educational-methodical and scientific literature on complex research of modern problems in the field of textile and food industry;
  • integration of research activities of the Institute with the educational process at the University.

Main achievement

Successful implementation of the project funded by the world Development Bank under the grant program of the gsns and GMNS with the support Of the center for commercialization of technology of the Republic of Kazakhstan and The Committee of science of the MES № 85 on the topic:"low-Waste technology and scientific justification of medical gauze production from cotton mixture with the addition of textile waste."

Also, several projects are successfully implemented, the first of which is on a contractual basis JSC "NATR" on the project "production of medical gauze from a mixture of cotton with the addition of textile waste", the head of which is the Director of the research Institute "Tipp" - Ph. D., Professor Tashmenov R. S. also obtained results on the scientific project "Development and scientific justification of quality technology of pneumatic yarn using regenerated cotton fiber" funded by the Ministry of education and science.

Patents obtained:

  • innovative patent "cotton Gauze" № 28134;
  • patent "Method of obtaining medical cotton gauze" № 89222;
  • the patent "a Method of producing Inositol magnesium" No. 79547;
  • patent "method of obtaining yarn with the addition of regenerated waste" № 90873.

2016-2018 24 articles published in international rating journals with non-zero impact factors.

Work with industrial enterprises.

SKSU them.M. Auezov has a cooperation agreement with LLP "SIC JEAN TOAD»

The main areas of cooperation are:

1) Implementation in industrial conditions results of research and development;

2) Interaction with the Department Of technology and design of textile materials and research Institute of Textile and food industry in the field of higher, postgraduate and additional professional education for the training of qualified specialists;

3) Cooperation for the organization of internships for students of University studying in the field of higher and secondary professional education.

International cooperation.

In order to close international cooperation on joint scientific activities, fruitful work is carried out with scientists from the Shenyang University of chemical technology (Shenyang, China) prof. Yong Gao (Enjun Gao) and Prof. Shen Yanming (Shen Yanming); with the Ukrainian state scientific research Institute for nanobiotechnology in the framework of the project "Development of technology of medical devices from textile materials with antimicrobial and wound healing properties" (Professor V. A. Linnik, V. G. Kaplunenko; with representatives of Saint-Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University), EGE University (Professor Eser Eke Bayramoglu). As a result, the goals were set for the implementation of the joint international project "Development of technology for the production of hepatoprotective and Antianemic action phytates by processing rice bran".

Contact details of the head and Department

Tashmenov Rahim Sarsenovich

Ph. D., Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director

Address: 160012. SKR, Shymkent,

Tauke Khan Ave. 5, building 5, Kab. 112

Phone: +7 702 128 29 23

Е- mail: rahim_4158 

Idrisov Naimanbai Saduakasovich

Address: 160012. SKR, Shymkent,

Tauke Khan Ave. 5, building 5, Kab. 112


Phone: +7 701 737 98 00

Каiranbekova Leila Darmenbekovna

Address: 160012. SKR, Shymkent,

Tauke Khan Ave. 5, building 5, Kab. 112

Specialist of the highest level of qualification

 Phone: +7 701 525 85 27