Scientific research institute «Problems of regional economy»

The main objective of Scientific research institute «Problems of regional economy» is scientific justification of the processes happening in the region, allowing to estimate effective management of area economy.

Activities: identification of socio-economic problems, including the development of innovation activities in the region; development of business plans, feasibility study projects, conducting market research; commercialization of innovative projects; consulting in the field of business; development of assessment methodologies and mechanisms for achieving the efficiency of diverse aspects of the development of the region and its regional units; theoretical and methodological approaches form a "knowledge economy"; the integration of activities of the Institute in the educational process.

The "Research institute of problems of regional economy" was educated  on the basis of order of the rector of the South-Kazakhstan state university of name М.Аuezov (the order No. 163-2 of February 19, 2010).

First director of institute -  doctor economy science, professor  Nurasheva  К.К. (2010-2011).

12.07.2011 in connection with expansion of functions Scientific research institute (the order No. 535-L  of July 14, 2011),  was created new collective which headed by doctor economy science, professor of Yessirkepova A.M -  "The best scientific of  South-Kazakhstan area " (2011),  "The best teacher of higher education institution " (2011),  the scholar of the state scientific grants for talented young scientists (2002-2003), for the scientists  made an outstanding contribution to development of science and equipment of RK (2012-2013), the winner in the nomination "The Best Invention of Year" following the results of the republican competition "Shapagat" (2009), the owner of the badge "Ғylymdy damytuғa sіңіrgen enbegi ushin" (2015), author of the first table of the economic game in the country "Kasіpker KZ" and more than 500 scientific papers.

Scientific research institute «Problems of regional economy»  are developed:

  • Scientific project “Management of secondary resources and waste minimization in the context of the transition of Kazakhstan to a“ green economy ”: methodology and mechanisms”. in the framework of providing sponsorship and / or charitable assistance to Samruk-Kazyna JSC;
  • project: 4951 / GF "Development of a mechanism to stimulate entrepreneurs as a form of public-private partnership in the system of dual education on the basis of higher education" for 2015-2017. budget program: 217 “Development of Science”, subprogramme 102 “Grant funding for research”, by priority: “Intellectual potential of the country”, by sub-priority: “Fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of socio-economic and humanities”
  • contractual R & D for the project: "Development of an integrated development plan for the city of Lenger for 2016-2030." in the framework of the agreement between "SKSU" LLP and Akim of the city of Lenger.
  • Field survey on the pilot region (SKO) within the framework of the task: Analysis of the administrative and territorial structure of the country for compliance with the actual tasks of regional development, including the development of local self-government, October – December 2016. One of the results of the study was the economic justification for the need to separate the Maktaaral and Saryagash regions.
  • Examination of the project "On the division of the Maktaaral district of the South Kazakhstan region into the Zhetysay district, whose center will be the city of Zhetysay, Asykatinsky district, whose center will be the village of Asykata, the Maktaaral district, which will be the center of which will be held in January-February 2018
  • Examination of the project "On changing the status of the city of Shymkent from a city of regional significance to a city of republican significance", the examination was conducted in May-June 2018.
  • conducted marketing research of markets for more than 30 product groups;
  • More than 100 business plans were prepared for projects ready to be put into production and put into production, including 9 under agreements with the National Agency for Technological Development.

 More than 30 monographs, more than 50 textbooks, more than 500 scientific papers were published, over 200 reports were made at international and republican conferences, more than 50 innovative patents and copyright certificates were received.

Employees of research institutes participate in scientific activities not only in the region, but also on a national scale. So, the director of scientific research institute Yessirkepova A.M. By order of the Rector of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, she was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council for the specialties "6D051000 - State and local government", "6D090500 - Social work", "6D050600 - Economics" at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstanmarket researches of the markets of problem commodity groups are moved

Joint work with the South-West Research Institute of Crop and Livestock

The international cooperation.

Within the framework of international cooperation, the Regional Director of the Public Academy of Sciences in Lodz - the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Krakow, Monika Javorska, the international relations coordinator of the Public Academy of Sciences in Lodz - the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Krakow, visited Victoria Krakow. During their stay at the Research Institute of Scientific Research Institute "Problems of the Regional Economy", the guests visited the faculties and laboratories of the SKSU named after M.Auezov.

Within the framework of international cooperation, seminars and round tables were held.

Meetings were organized for students and undergraduates who had practice at the Research Institute of ERA in order to conduct joint research projects and publish articles.

Contact information for the manager and department

Yessirkepova Altyn Makhmudovna Director

Doctor of Economy science, professor

Adress: Kazakhstan, 160012, s. Shymkent, Tauke – Khan boulevard 5,

RSE on the right of economic management “M.Auezov SKSU”, corps №16, 205 room.

Tel./fax:+8 (7252) 30-02-47, Mobile tel: +7 702 465 00 44