SRI "Mechanics and Engineering"

Purpose: development and calculation of technological and auxiliary equipment for various industries, research and development work.


-  realization of Policy and Aims of SKSU in the field of quality;

-  fulfiling obligations in the sphere of quality and requirements of quality management system;

-  planning, organization, coordination and control of research, design, research, production and innovation activities in accordance with the main directions of development of the university and the profile of specialists;

-  development and implementation of scientific, technical and innovative programs and projects;

-  creation of information banks and databases in the field of mechanical engineering, scientific, technical and innovation activities;

-  the creation and implementation of high-tech experimental and industrial production in the field of mechanics and engineering;

-            development, implementation and implementation of inventions, technologies, patents, copyright certificates, "know-how" and other objects of industrial and intellectual property in the field of mechanics and engineering;

-            provision of highly qualified services in the scientific and technical field (analytical activities, scientific and technical, information and methodological support and maintenance of scientific and technical, innovation and investment activities, exchange of scientific and technical information, coordination and maintenance of scientific and technical, innovative and investment programs and projects, etc.);

-     improving the quality of training by actively using the results of research in the educational process, the wide involvement of students in the performance of host agreementresearch and State budgetresearch;

-     provision of services to university departments in the framework of its field of activity and presentation of information about the results in the prescribed manner;

-     preparation of business project contracts with industrial enterprises, scientific and educational institutions, commercial firms and companies for the development and transfer of scientific and technical products;

-          expansion and development of experimental production base for research.


Major achievements, research results, patents, articles, development unit.

Over the past 5 years, there have been published: 8 articles included in the Scopus and Thomson Reuters database, 15 in journals recommended by the KKSON MES RK, more than 50 in the proceedings of international conferences. More than 10 patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan were received, 12 monographs and textbooks were published.

Work with industrial enterprises. SRI "Mechanics and Engineering" has a cooperation agreement with JSC South Kazakhstan Mechanical Plant (YUKMZ), Kazphosphate LLP, Aktobe Chromium Compounds Plant JSC, NGSK KazStroyService JSC, Kazmontazhstroykonstruktsii LLP, Lenger Machine Building Plant LLP.

The international cooperation. The cooperation with the Inzhekhim Engineering and Innovation Center, with Kazan Federal University (Kazan, Russia), with Sumy State University (Sumy, Ukraine), with Belarusian State Technological University (BSTU) and Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU) ) (Minsk, Belarus), with the Tashkent State Technical University. Abu RayhanBeruni (Tashkent, Uzbekistan).

Contact information for the head and department

Volnenko Alexander Anatolyevich

Degree: doctor of technical sciences
Address: 160012. SKO, Shymkent,
pr. Tauke Khan 5, building B, room. 327

Phone: (87252) 21-48-77


Chief Specialist
Degree:doctor PhD

Address: 160012. SKO, Shymkent,
pr. Tauke Khan 5, building B, room. 327 Phone: (87252) 21-48-77


Senior Researcher
Power:Candidate of Technical Sciences

Address: 160012. SKO, Shymkent,
pr. Tauke Khan 5, building B, room. 327 Phone: (87252) 21-48-77


Specialist VUK-manager
Degree: Master

Address: 160012. SKO, Shymkent,
pr. Tauke Khan 5, building B, room. 327 Phone: (87252) 21-48-77