Technology Transfer Office

Objective: Integration of science and production by commercialization of results of scientific and technical activities.

In order to effectuate the objective, there are the following sectors in the technology transfer office:

1. Sector for commercialization of scientific developments

2. Sector for receipt of licensing documents


Tasks of the sector for commercialization of scientific developments:


- organization of expertise of R&D results and identification of potentially commercialized projects;

- formation of projects by the results of scientific and technical activities for participation in various commercialization competitions;

- search for investors, business partners;

- maintenance of commercialization projects at the stage of introduction of technologies into production;

- promotion of scientists’ results of scientific and technical activities to the market;

- provision of carrying out the new scientific researches, finances at the expense of state or international programs/funds in the priority for them fields;

- establishment of contacts with subjects of private enterprises in order to commercialize results of scientific researches and developments.


Tasks of the sector for receipt of licensing documents:


- organization and promotion of the results of scientific and technical activities and intellectual property of the university scientists at the web-site “Capitalization”;

- administration of the university’s business structures;

- development of proposals on expansion of the university’s business structures;

- assistance in preparing and receiving licensing documents for the results of scientific and technical activities and for created business structures of the university;

- act as a representative of the university for execution of normative documents and control of their passing and record maintenance;

- assistance in timely pay of payment orders when executing the licensing documents.


In its activities, the Technology Transfer Office is guided by the following legislative and regulatory acts:


1. Charter of M. Auezov SKSU

2. Quality Management System of M. Auezov SKSU (provisions, duty regulations)

3.  Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 18 February 2011 No. 407-IV “On science”;

4. Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 31 October 2015 No. 381-V LRK “On commercialization of results of scientific and (or) scientific-technical activity”;

5. Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 16 July 1999 No. 427 “Patent law of the Republic of Kazakhstan”


Projects of the university ready for commercialization:



Project title

Project manager


Organization of production of low-clinker finely ground cements based on the waste of mining and metallurgical enterprises and sale of products

Sarsenbayev Bakytzhan Kudaibergenovich


Creation of innovative production of delicate meat products from horse meat using solar energy

Beisenbayev Anvarbek Yussupovich


Development of technology for introduction of the international standard ISO 37001 “Anti-corruption management system. Requirements to the manual” at Kazakhstan enterprises and organizations with creation of organization for rendering consulting services of this direction

Tulekbayeva Aizhamal Konisbayevna


Organization of production of prolonged action 5 tons/hour mixed fertilizer ZHAMB-70

Zhantasov Kurmanbek Tazhmakhanbetovich


Introduction into production and commercialization of textile materials for medical use produced from yarn with addition of regenerated cotton fiber

Dzhanpaizova Vassilya Myrzakhmedovna


Introduction into production and commercialization of textile materials for medical use modified with silver nanocitrate

Tashmenov Rakhim Sarsenovich


Introduction into industry of new energy-efficient water cooling technology by compact fan cooling towers

Ismailov Bakhtiyar Rashidovich


Introduction of low-energy environmentally friendly technology for cement production with additional feeding of furnaces with technogenic products

Taimasov Bakhitzhan


Publication of additional literature in Latin for the university students taught in Kazakh language

Dzhunusbayev Serik Mutanovich


Cellulose production from wild-growing cannabis

Baibolov Kanat Seitzhanovich


Development of solar universal power plant

Kaziyev Mukhtar Kassymkhanovich


Development of nursery for cultivation and sale of decorative and rare plants with year-round marketing

Abduova Aisulu Alshynbekovna


Organization of innovative production of cavitation processing of fruits and vegetables

Baimukhanov Timur Sultanbekovich


Development of dental applicators for treatment and prevention of periodontal disease on the basis of a camel thorn

Seitmagzimov Altai Adepovich


Creation of organization for development of regulatory documents – standards, test methods and analysis on safety performance, established in the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union/Eurasian Economic Union

Tulekbayeva Aizhamal Konisbayevna


Base oil production complex based on Zhangeldy oil field

Idrisov Mukhtar Dzholdasbekovich


High-tech complex sheep skin processing

Botabayev Nurzhan Yerkebayevich


Mobile complex on the basis of a truck trailer for autonomous production of dried fruits at the growing places

Yessirkepov Azimbek


Development of technology for production of highly effective complex-acting defoliant

Duisebayev Shyngiskan Yergaliyevich


Food production on the basis of natural filler “Stevizoid”

Khussanov Alisher Yevadilloyevich


Production of fertilizers from coal wastes with the aim of growing agricultural products

Abduova Aisulu Alshynbekovna


Results of scientific and technical activities commercialized by Science Fund JSC

1. Creation of biotechnological complex for production of glucose-fructose syrup from corn for production of sweets, fruit canned drinks and bio feed for animals.

2. Production of activated carbon and stone oil from fruit pits.

3. Organization of small-scale production of dumping tractor trailer of 2PTSH-10-45 model for raw cotton transportation.

4. Production of environmentally friendly biological fertilizer, which heals the soil and improves fertility.

5. Manufacture of metal products of complex configuration.

The Technology Transfer Office in December 2017 by the project “Fostering productive innovation” won a grant for Transfer/Commercialization of Technology Offices in the amount of 116 330 000 KZT.


Contact information of the head   


Ortayev Arsen Yessengeldiyevich, Candidate of Chemical Sciences

Address: 160012, Shymkent, Tauke khan avenue, 5, 16th building, 203 room

Phone: 8 7252 21 07 81